Leadership Roles of School Principals in Private Education Institutions

Leadership Roles of School Principals in Private Education Institutions

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Leadership Roles of School Principals in Private Education Institutions

Dr. Mehmet Birekul[1]


School administrators feel concerned only with technical issues in the school, which implements various bureaucratic management processes and moving away from an approach that protects the existing ones, in order to manage more effectively the school, which aims to change for the success of the school and in doing so aim to redirect the process affecting individuals in the school community. To achieve this, the traditional profile manager is required to make a transition to training leaders. As a result of leadership behavior in educational organizations is of great importance in terms of affecting every aspect of the organization.

In this research, private school principals leadership roles defined for the leadership roles, able to give direction to the pre-service and in-service programs for these managers to be held and it is hoped can contribute.

In addition, the leadership roles that can be used to measure the performance of these managers and can be used in the selection and promotion of private school principals based on these measurements. In this study, the determination of the leadership roles of the private school principal and investigate the effect of education will try to complete deficiency in this area.

Research was used for this special case approach techniques of qualitative research methods. If the population of the study consists of 20 private school principals in Konya. The survey revealed some suggestions for the leadership roles of the private school principal.

Keywords: Leadership, Private School, Private School Principals


Okul yöneticileri sadece okullarındaki teknik konularla ilgilenip, çeşitli bürokratik yönetim süreçlerini uygulayan ve mevcut olanı koruyan bir anlayıştan uzaklaşarak, okullarını daha etkili yönetmek amacıyla, okulun başarısı için değişimi hedefleyen ve bunu yaparken de okul toplumundaki bireyleri etkileme yöntemiyle yönlendirmeyi amaçlamaktadırlar. Bunu başarmak için geleneksel yönetici profilinden, eğitim liderine doğru bir geçiş yapmaları gerekmektedir. Netice itibariyle eğitim örgütlerinde liderlik davranış biçimleri her açıdan kurumu etkilemesi bakımından büyük önem taşımaktadır. Araştırmada, özel okul müdürleri için belirlenen liderlik rollerine, liderlik rollerinin, bu yöneticiler için düzenlenecek hizmet öncesi ve hizmet içi programlarına yön verebilmesi ve katkıda bulunabilmesi ümit edilmektedir. Ayrıca bu liderlik rollerinin söz konusu yöneticilerin performansının ölçümünde kullanılabilecek ve bu ölçüme dayalı özel okul müdürlerinin seçimi ve yükselmesinde yararlanılabilecektir. Bu araştırmada özel okul müdürlerinin liderlik rollerinin belirlenmesi ve eğitim-öğretime etkisi araştırılarak bu alandaki eksiklik tamamlanmaya çalışılacaktır.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Liderlik, Özel Okul, Özel Okul Müdürleri


Led up to the present from the past year has been identified as an influence process. Both business life, as well as the ideas of others for the sake of reaching a goal in private life and can be described as entering the efforts to influence the actions of the leadership concept is defined in many different ways today. Led a group of people in general allows them to act in accordance with the objectives of the organization.

The concepts described in the literature so much, it is a fact known to increase administrative and organizational terms of importance. In such cases, it is important in terms of educational organizations.

An evaluation of the meaning of the word in the sense of leader or leadership road or show direction, used mostly in the maritime sector emerges as one word. Leaders show the way, illuminating, showing forth, teaching, colleagues’ wishes and needs considered as a creative person who sensed time.

Leader or group of people to accomplish their goal of passing and movement of people is one that can be directed in accordance with their own ideas (Ağlargöz, 2012: 52).

Adapt to today’s changing era, has become the most important obligation of the management organization and the functioning of all government organizations, this requirement has changed the roles expected from the structure and administrator. Accordingly, the present management approach, the administrator has not begun to emphasize more positive behaviors than expected lead manager.In the past, leaving the current location of the classical management theory approach to the new leadership is the most important developments in this area.

The influence of educational administration and leadership theory was inevitable, and in recent years, the training manager at the school administrators began a transition towards trends and educational leadership.

The development of the individual and society, the school provides the transmitted from one generation to the task of social culture, goals and principals can perform the highest level depends on being able to ensure the continuity of an effective educational leaders. The aim of this study was to determine the leadership role of the private school principals and to examine the effects of education.


Leadership in Education

In general, under certain circumstances or conditions defined as the art of influencing others’ behavior and actions to achieve the goal of leadership as a whole, constitute an important aspect of managerial effort (Simsek, 2010: 197).
Leadership clear, there are some difficulties to make a definitive and inclusive definition. Their causes, patients need to look slick and deceptive characteristics of leadership in transportation. In fact, leadership, status or authority (authority) rather than function is a function related to the quality of the interaction between the audience and the leaders of the relationship.Leadership is not bound to have power over people is a problem affecting them (Gursel, 2014: 64).

Leadership Latin word “pounds” comes from the word. Pounds, which means furrowed. According to this metaphorical expressions leadership is the creation of self-organization or circumstances may occur learning (Tunçer, 2011: 60). In short, the specific target audience to deliver leadership, is considered as the sum of them to implement action-oriented knowledge and skills (Bakan  and Buyukbese, 2010: 74). Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing others’ behavior and actions to achieve the objectives under certain circumstances or conditions. This aspect as a whole constitutes an important part of the administrative effort (Simsek, 2010: 197)

Education leaders; allowing you to focus on the realization of the school’s internal and external elements curriculum, which defines the mission of the school, responsible for the organization of teaching resources and teaching environment, communication and forming climate at school, the presence of people who are constantly appearing.Because the worst director, sitting in the permanent room, surrounded not observe are unaware of the school and the surrounding area. Basic point of educational leadership, teaching is to develop in the desired direction. This led approach to the teaching of the school environment and to regulate fully productive environment(Öztaş, 2010: 34).

Study leader, working in schools and affect the environment in line with the objectives of the school, directed and responsibility of the person. However, the concept of educational leaders in this study represents principals involved and help the school management (Beytekin, 2004: 26).Educational leadership, student-centered, define the mission of the school, training program and managing education, functions as a positive school climate for development and is a kind of leadership that consists of tasks related thereto (Gumusel of 2005: 59).Establishing strong relationships with educational leaders of other people, as well as individuals who have their value is equal to a member with natural and other employees of the educational community (Marulcu  2010: 13).

Instructional leadership can help the objectives of the school to perform effectively. Schools, with emphasis on instructional leadership, instructional leadership roles by giving importance to the quality of education can be improved.

So what to do, the present condition of the school is to decide how cases can be brought to the desired ideal. In the process, they take their school administrators, instructional What is needed is the concept of education is to provide a clear understanding of leadership.. Then, what should be agreed that there are leadership qualities and behaviors needed to successfully fulfill this leadership role (Özdemir and Sezgin, 2002: 267).

From a school administrator, who is training leaders, teachers are encouraged to experiment with new teaching strategies, personnel qualification and development of new programs, changing the attitude of the staff at the beginning of the income expected behavior. School principals, all of which should be the principal as instructional leaders to fulfill them.The school principal is approached in terms of school management, which is to fulfill itself and to achieve the expected results in the school, as well as affect people outside itself includes behavior that ensures they met through (Öztaş, 2010: 35).

Including instructional leadership, but that it is a dimension of educational leadership with a broader perspective. Namely; effective educational leaders, educational and humanitarian aspect should be fairly strong.His work is the starting point for learning, their environment as well as being the improvement of teaching and the school should be a source of morale, students, teachers and parents should do the counseling. Leadership is a complex and multifaceted task in schools. Standards should take this fact into consideration(Marulcu, 2010: 12-13).

Education leaders are aware of the technical aspects of the work to be done must know how to work effectively with people. In addition, school-related laws, regulations, management processes and practices, the content of the curriculum, to be familiar with the information on topics such as program evaluation and development has become a necessity for state school principals(Şişman, 2002: 24-26). Leadership in school administration; problems to be able to see a realistic eye, then you will need to have some ability to solve them. Because the leader is the architect and initiator of the big plan. First of all, the realization of these plans, but we must not forget that allows leaders, school principals, educational leaders can be equipped with certain special equipment after(Öztaş, 2010: 35).

Leadership Roles of School Principals in Private Education Institutions

Overall expenditures from the state budget unmet educational institutions, are called private schools. State outside the schools, from kindergarten to university education and training that the owners of these schools may be natural persons or charities
(Uygun, 2003: 108). Private schools, parents, students and government through private entrepreneurs to take their education expenses is supporting the public education costs. Competitive environment leads to an increase in the quality of that education creates. To read as they provide more favorable economic conditions without any burden dev¬let children with scholarships they have made the economic situation is not good, but intelligent and hard-working children are provided the opportunity to read in better facilities.(Akan, 2012: 36).

Leadership theories that as an organizational characteristics, the total amount of leadership in schools, predicts that a positive relationship with the performance of the school. Moreover, everyone in the organization (administrators, teachers, secretaries and families) can manage and highlights so will affect the performance of the school (Gursel, 2013: 104). Leaders of educational institutions must understand the dynamics of change processes. Successful schools have leaders who can overcome the obstacles developing and managing the change process in the classroom. Educational leaders must be able to understand and be able to overcome resistance to the change and must be able to impact on the educators. Education leaders the skills necessary for successful change requests and analyze the information and it should encourage the environment (Arslan and Beytekin, 2004: 5). Being the leader of a private school principal executive education, the importance of teachers and schools are too big. Considering applications in private schools said that according to official institutions seen more leadership roles.


The research model in this section, the working group, data collection, data analysis and the results were analyzed.

Research Model

Bu çalışmada özel durum yaklaşımı kullanılmıştır. Özel durum çalışması yöntemi ile araştırılan olgunun bağlam içerisinde derinlemesine ancak bütüncül olarak inceleyebilmeye olanak tanır (Karamustafaoğlu ve Sontay, 2012: 2). Özel durum çalışmaları olguları doğal ortamında ve özellikle araştırılan olgu ile ilgili bağlam arasında sınırların açıkça belli olmadığı durumlarda kullanılır. Özel durum çalışması yöntemi ile araştırılan olgunun bağlam içerisinde derinlemesine ancak bütüncül olarak inceleyebilmek için “nasıl” ve “niçin” sorularına cevap aranır (Kurnaz ve Alev, 2009: 41).

Research  Group

The universe of study in the academic year 2014-2015 in Konya province is composed of school principals who work in special education. The sample, selected by a multi-purpose sampling from the universe consists of 20 school principals. The sample group was made in a personal interview with managers located in.

Located to the teachers in the study group than research collected data indicating that another purpose use, questions were asked to specify the names to be able to respond in complete confidence and are provided to express as it comes from the inside all the views.

All of the questions asked in the same order and made kişi¬ interview is no limit in their answers to interview questions. Thus, it is given the opportunity to themselves for leadership roles of the private education institution managers to explain the ideas they deem important and descriptions on call.

Displays the status of private education institutions who are willing to participate in interviews for the study director information is as follows.

Table 1: Participant Information Manager in the Location Area Working Group

Line Number Seniority (Year) Management Field (Pre-school,Primary School, High School)
1 7 High School
2 11 Pre-school
3 12 Primary School
4 3 High School
5 3 High School
6 11 Primary School
7 9 High School
8 2 Pre-school and Primary School
9 2 Pre-school and Primary School
10 12 Primary School
11 15 Primary School
12 5 Primary School
13 5 High School
14 7 Primary School
15 4 Pre-school
16 7 High School
17 6 Pre-school
18 4 High School
19 3 Pre-school
20 9 High School

Collecting of Data

The leadership role of the school principal fields of literature has been investigated in private education institutions to investigate and research, interview forms developed by the araştır¬mac is used.


Data Analysis

The data collected in qualitative research is solved in two ways, namely descriptive and content analysis. In this study, the data “content analysis” was solved by technology. Basically the similar data were combined under certain concepts and themes and anlayabilece¬g of them are organized in a way that the reader has been reviewed. This qualitative content analysis of four stages in the analysis of the data content of the survey technique was used (Yavuz, 2009: 133)

1.Coding  of Data

  1. The presence of Theme
  2. To organize data according to codes and themes and identifying
  3. Interpretation of Results

obtained following the themes and content analysis of verbatim interviews with managers about these themes are included to quote. The first digit of the number of participants in brackets, the second figure shows the type of school that served the seniority and third letters;




The manager of the private educational institutions, teachers in determining the purpose of the school, the role of the students and their parents

In determining the objectives of private educational institutions teachers, students and parents with partners assayed for answers to questions regarding whether a school principal has been studied as they work towards the general public. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

(1, 7, L) I work within the progressive educational philosopy, collaborative educational efforts, public service projects, multicultural education, original assessment, and with the projects of school evolution teams, teachers and the parents.

(2, 11, A) Parents activities, in-service trainings, student activities

(3, 12, İ) We have the meetings with the teachers and parents periodically and we get their opinions and suggestions.

We have the questionnaire with the students.

(4, 3, L)The questionnaire with the parents and students, and individual research amd development with the teachers is an effective way to help to define the aim of the private education instituation

(5, 3, L) I try tincrease to apply the decicions taken at school consulting with the teachers first, then students and then with the parents.

(6, 11, İ)All of my stuff’s opinions are taken in my institution. We give and take the opinions regularly and periodically.

(7, 9, L)We all teachers-students-parents- work together that we are interested in any subjects to use the common sense.

(8, 2, A-İ) I include the teachers, students, and parents to our works to be effective  in our decicions. (Trips, competitions, theatres…) kermis, and helps to the charities.

(9, 2, A-İ) It makes the all sides happy everytime to combine the teachers, students, and the parents in mutual interests. We observe the positive results of the seminars given to the teachers.

(10, 12, İ)We often have the meetings and work together  with teachers to solve the educational problems,  and we have the dialogues with the parents of the students to make he students much more effective in their studies.

(11, 15, İ)I think  it is useful to make the teachers feel valuable, and to communicate with the students and parents.

(12, 5, İ) “First of all geographical and socio-economic conditions of the people what they expect from considering pre-school education and the conditions under which our school, we have demonstrated how they could give answers. The main purpose of the eye which increased to the success of our children to the parents of the Turkish national education are united in the goal of satisfying the common interest. We work in accordance with these objectives in all the years “

(13, 5, L) “the purposes of determining more schools at the request of the owners and board members are doing their work directing the students and their parents. Contrary to the idea of ​​any work not exhibit also the founder representatives. “

 (14, 7, C) “Working in the framework of determining the structure of a democratic institution, we aim to do. In this regard, our staff will evaluate all training parents and students to organize the results of the survey and we take decisions accordingly “

 (15, 4, A) “The organization’s objectives has already been demonstrated previously by the owners institutions. But in addition we are doing interviews with teachers, parents and students is expected to do the things we offer to board decisions there emerged “

 (16, 7, L) “our students, our primary task to prepare a top instruction in the students of our university and all the teachers in the preparation of life, we make the students and meeting at least twice a survey and at least four times the parents of our year. We use to take decisions in accordance with the wishes and needs of our parents and students “

 (17, 6, A) “First of all the teachers and students in the institution must be made ​​of the collaboration. The parents of the students should be in constant communication and exchange of ideas should be 

“(18, 4, L)” In determining the purpose of teacher education institutions, I consider the ideas of students and parents “

 (19, 3, A) “I do consultations with teachers. Students, I try to make a case in point to tell if the ideas without hesitation. I try to be in constant contact with parents. 

“(20, 9, L),” education is the most significant point in the organization’s objectives. The organization is well managed with a good education is concerned. Joint work on this issue is a good management of the target “

Managing of Finanacial Recources of the Private Education Instıtutions
How to manage the economic resources of the private education institutions respond to the question of whether principals are treated in private education institutions in managing economic resources have been directed to work with experts in general. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

(1, 7, L) “Economic resources should be managed by a specialist team”

 (2, 11, A) “managing economic resources in private education institutions is carried out by expert teams” 

(3, 12, i) “the efficiency of spent resources assessment made ​​at regular intervals, I assess adequate contribution raft unable resources by replanning”

 (4, 3, L) “managing economic resources of private education doves, training manager and managed by a separate entity, I am of the opinion that the coordinated work with the coordinator or administration. Managing director of economic resources and training that requires a separate discipline, but the common denominator is two important factors that need to unification “

 (5, 3, L) “Everyone identify the duties and responsibilities when executing the task in that context, co-workers, I try to make with one another to warn each other about each other auditing and lacks”

 (6, 11, i) “Optimum benefits, ie, the maximum benefit of trying to make the most economical. Frugal, but to provide the best service. These are augmented with application to create differences. Ensure everyone happiness

“(7, 9, L)” All stakeholders’ needs in the best way in order to meet the maximum benefits related to education, but not an unlimited resource awareness about it

 (8, 2, A-C) “is not about saving the best of our resources to meet our expenses and I would recommend avoiding unnecessary spending. The selection of the services, if possible, long-term public goods followers I would have about the proper use “

 (9, 2, A-C) “Economic resource management are performed by expert personnel. A parent is kept under control by superiors in accounting units 

“(10, 12, i)” to provide an affordable way these needs determine the priority needs of the Authority 

“(11, 15, C)” Resources should be used for education, I think not cheap “

 (12, 5, i) “economic resources, although founder representatives shipped’s being directed also by institutions and administration and due to the headmaster of the responsibility to be managed by a committee that these resources are in the principal of this school would be more appropriate because I think”

(13, 5, L) “Economic resources are managed by the founder representative in all private schools.

But besides leaving a fund of this fund principals and teachers needed in the form of implicit subsidies to the school principal, to move freely in the awarding of the students or staff can be very nice “

 (14, 7, C) “Although there is much more involved in the management of economic resources by the school board asked how and where to spend money and where we can respond to issues such as economic measures to be taken”

(15, 4, A) “Resources are managed by our founders. However, preliminary studies of the income and expenses of the school at the beginning of each academic year and current-year students and the amount of snow on snow training process and this ad will be allocated to promotion and social activities we are preparing our budget together representatives of the founder “

 (16, 7, L), “we do not have any involvement in this regard. All resources are managed by our founders. After all we are working in a private company. Bring negative results we propose a resource management could embarrass us our founding, we focus far as possible, fearing the subject. We consistently busy with more education and registration affairs “

 (17, 6, A) “in the management of economic resources in a more efficient management should be preferred, but will improve the quality of education arguments costs should not be considered too much” 

(18, 4, L) “I made ​​an application with support from experienced experts in the management of the organization’s economic resources”

 (19, 3, A) “at the point of the management of economic resources, efficiency should be at the forefront. I think he’s enhancing the quality of education spending should not be restricted. But saving the student is a point that should not be known until the teacher

 (20, 9, L) “is a good utilization of economic resources in order to establish a better structure of the educational environment. This is why the person responsible for the management of economic resources will be required to have the necessary knowledge and skills in this area “

The staff of the mission and the staff in the relevant section

The private educational institutions with the necessary job duties and responsibilities of the school principal question concerning the lack of necessary work is done or the relevant part of responsibility towards the overall response has been made ​​part of the business. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

(1, 7, L) “The staff is aware that what is taken to do the job selected by the expert team during recruitment. Units needed personnel qualified to do the job, not experienced any trouble taken to make the necessary contracts

(2, 11, A) “Everyone in the staff is appointed according to their area” 

(3, 12, C) “with a meeting of the personnel-related tasks distribution according to our wishes and skills, I get a report on the work done every weekend staff”

 (4, 3, L) “Employee’s duties and responsibilities of staff should be limited before the start of the study process should be planned in a certain way. It will reduce the performance of the duties and responsibilities of people outside to load, gives the right to interfere with the mission of giving people jobs as other employees covered.

Duties, responsibilities and division of labor within the framework of competencies and qualifications should be made according to the hierarchical boundaries “

 (5, 3, L) “Everyone identify the duties and responsibilities that when executing the task in context, co-workers with one another, I try to ensure that warn each other about each other audit and incomplete” 

(6, 11, i) “Business and job descriptions are determined. Everyone duties and responsibilities related to performance evaluation and performance management by providing a sense of return applied

 (7, 9, L), “the awareness of team spirit, everyone objectives defined area of responsibility by creating a common vision” 

(8, 2, A-C) “I make everyone equal and fair way to get the job. Can anyone bear much responsibility and not the responsibility “

 (9, 2, A-C) “Business section while gender, ability to be able to remove the expertise and burden according to their ability to cope with stress I work distribution” 

(10, 12, C) “in doing business division, was appointed staff according to the nature of the work to be done”

( 11, 15, C) “from each unit should be responsible persons, I provide communication between units”

 (12, 5, C) “duties and responsibilities of all staff in private education institutions are determined by regulation. However, especially with school principals who are primarily responsible for making this work in the selection of teaching staff is much more accurate. Otherwise, a lot of disruptions may be the work of the staff working at the choice of school founder representatives “

(13, 5, L), “which referred to the Authority and representatives of the administration and are applying the founder and director of a school approved by the pyramid model of government. Which depends on the manager who is responsible and there is a clear announcement “

 (14, 7, C) “We slept in the applications made in the previous year assignment scheme from the start to work as a school principal. There by the school board and founder representative who is responsible for administrative mechanisms to whom we have already determined that we act in accordance with the structure “

 (15, 4, A) “Everyone is given the task of our school. The duties and responsibilities of everyone from the security staff representatives from our founders were previously identified and everyone complies with this assignment. Every year per assignment and responsibilities are announced for signature to all our teachers and staff “
 (16, 7, L) “duties and responsibilities of all employees in our institution has made ​​a special internal statute”
(17, 6, A) “teachers have been appointed by the Authority within their industry. Other staff are working in their fields. I pay attention to teamwork practice

 (18, 4, L) “The duties and responsibilities of employees is unknown. They do their duty in this field. I do of course division of labor
“(19, 3, A)” I have made ​​the necessary division of labor. Division of labor should be given to persons skilled in the area so I think
“(20, 9, L)” I made ​​the necessary personnel division. Convince them that they can do their duties in the best way

Objection or criticism coming from teachers and implementation of decisions taken
In case of the private educational institutions and practices, teachers objected to the decision taken in response to questions or criticism to come to the school principal about how that has been treated to ensure a general consensus. Place is given to the views of school principals regarding the following issues

(1, 7, L) “I created my leadership phenomenon and problem-solving skills, my decisions and I am convinced I made the accuracy of teacher practice. If you still can review the objections and criticisms “

 (2, 11, A) “The decision is reviewed before being given all the details. However, you still need to assess the decision by the majority vote if there is objection “

 (3, 12, C) “The decision that takes great part of the teacher’s board, in the minds of the teachers indicate that time, the decision to be signed by the teachers would ensure that no appeal rights”

 (4, 3, L) of “The decisions and practices relating to always get rid topic completely bias would be towards criticism and suggestions, cause to shake my administrative authority, the results and be notified in writing between the requested triangle, evaluation, and then determine the impact and effect relationship revised My symptoms can be “

 (5, 3, L) to “listen to criticism, take notes, I shared with the relevant places. If you have a party right of appeal after the evaluation, I try to correct the injustice “

(6, 11, C) “that certain rules do not make progress with our growth and our record to be disrespectful to see if the frame is not as we count our wealth”

(7, 9, L) “The teachers of our ideas, objection or criticism can freely offers on behalf of our environment, our wealth and better education are able to provide counts of the main issues we care”

 (8, 2, A-C) “The objection or criticism as a result of decisions re-examined together to reach a common conclusion, I get to be satisfied by the parties”

 (9, 2, A-C) “criticism and objections I had to listen to the absolute mind strainer. I am open to all kinds of opinions and suggestions for increasing the quality of education “

 (10, 12, C) “In the case of the objections received, decisions and practices to criticism or not teachers, decisions and practices that have been received, I reconsider. Decisions to be contested decision before declaring share with our teachers and take their views on “

(11, 15, C) “I pay attention to the teachers’ ideas”

(12, 5, C) “We keep evaluated together with any objections from the housing for all personnel from immediately generate alternative solutions, and as soon as the presentation”

 (13, 5, L) “Everyone is reserved the right to appeal but with a lot of appeal, and we do not have a clear understanding of criticism management. The idea can be separated from institutions like the task structure is dominant in our institutions. Innovative projects are out of it “

 (14, 7, C) “from time to time on different issues objections and criticisms and we share our founder representatives applied the decisions we get there”

 (15, 4, A) “Appeals and the arrival of criticism is not a very common condition. But it would ask the relevant alternatives from a situation that could appeal the case and evaluate if there is a valid alternative to a time “

 (16, 7, L) “listen seriously to the last objection and criticism, objections or criticisms that produce alternative solutions with our friend and we want to bring to us. If you are taking applications produced a viable solution “

 (17, 6, A) “I consider the criticism from the decision. The first institution to be considered and taken into account the effect of the

 (18, 4, L) “objection and criticism that you may be a democratic management style. I allow the expression of democratic thought as a leader on this issue. But the quality and the damage that the teachers and students of educational institutions should be at the fore front “

 (19, 3,) “the decision and the application must be received criticism and objections. Because the attribute of enhancing the quality of institutions and the training co-decision “

 (20, 9, L) “participation in decisions and practices that enable the creation of the school culture. School culture is important for the formation of the educational management “

Clashes between staff

In case of a clash between staff in private educational institutions of how to answer the question of whether principals were generally treated the direction of a good conflict management. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

 (1, 7, L) “I make the formation of the school culture. I let the staff work collaboratively compatible. In case of conflict environment required for the merger provided the common denominator and the problem will be solved if appropriate staff “

 (2, 11, A) “on both sides in the conflict between staff also relax the mind and the two sides are passed through absolute filters. Solutions provided calmness sober “

(3, 12, i) “Personnel in the clash between the parties listens separately, I declare clearly stimulation. In case of continued conflict in the framework of my powers should I get done deserving of criminal proceedings “

(4, 3, L) “Interpersonal conflicts in organizations, efficiency, dedication, and even students have a negative condition that affects the first degree. In such a case before the people as an adult then negotiate separate request has solved my problems. I would like to take care of each other without disclosing personal opinion and attitude in the interests of the Authority. In case of prolongation of the event staff who have problems making assignments that require collaboration by the way I also accompanied them personally, I try to create awareness maturity.

(5, 3, L) “Before I listen to staff separately. After making the necessary warning notices and listen again brings together. I try to ensure that all problems solved there is separation from there “

 (6, 11, i) “Considering that conflict is inevitable in organizations, not personalized, meaning the flow of discussion rather than to resolve the matter with the media to transform the dialogue environment that will provide”

(7, 9, L) “Conflict where people would be. This brings with it the benefits of properly managed. The common denominator consensus is achieved “

 (8, 2, A-C) “I had a meeting with the member of staff, I would consult on how the solution can be found and the cause of the problem”

 (9, 2, A-C) “The conflict will be a must. All the staff work to be done in the proper way, the dispute should be resolved bulunarak middle way “

 (10, 12, C) “in case of a conflict between the staff, listening to their side of the conflict separately try to understand the problems between them, brings parties together in once you understand the problem, and had the conversation saying that they got talking to the problem”

 (11, 15, i) “the staff of the Authority thinks would be best for the institution changed frequently, in case of conflict, made the necessary changes within the organization unit”

 (12, 5, C) “First of all parties, religions and position and attitude of the previous year to study behavior and school discipline, whether they are looking at to what extent depends on the parties mutually talk and we went to change tasks if necessary. Whatever decision is important to be fair “

 (13, 5 L) “on both sides is also known for a certain time. During this period, among them the issue of the contract will be terminated by the parties do not reach a solution. Applications for salvation of the institution in this regard is quite right “

 (14, 7, C) “takes care of this issue more units responsible. For example, deputy director of the service personnel responsible for my friend, a shortage of teachers, again tries to solve first assistant director in charge. Party time can not come together to solve our founder representatives did not even me, and then applied as a definitive decision of the founder representatives “

 (15, 4,) “If there is a problem between the first we recommend to our friends solve themselves. We do not accept any behavior that could damage the Authority is to know all of our staff “

 (16, 7, L) “Problems are solved by me. We find a middle way that would not harm our school to listen to the parties. Otherwise, we go our separate ways it with friends. This issue has been given all authority to personally by our founder representative “

 (17, 6, A) “Organizational structure and clashes are inevitable. But the conflict would ensure usefulness of the institution in managing these conflicts and competing well “

 (18, 4, L) “I’m sure it can be solved with a good conflict management jobs. Conflicts may occur, but they must be managed correctly “

 (19, 3, A) “in the training organization, as in other organizations of the conflict is inevitable. But the conflict in a way that would apply conflict management objective to achieve the best results “

 (20, 9, L) “The conflict in educational organizations, there should be finalized by mutual satisfaction of the parties. This happens with a good conflict management. I let out a lucrative side of the conflict this reason, using my leadership qualities “

Using authority and confess as a manager

Private educational institutions as administrator authority to school principals on how answers to the questions that were generally treated in the convict and use in democratic governance approach. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

 (1, 7, L) “I give importance to the participants thought as a leader, I also have difficulties in accepting the authority I have included my entire staff in decision-making. My authority to fully trust me that my staff will plead “

 (2, 11, A) “Communication. Proper communication. Respect. If proper communication with your authority, respect and loyalty you’ve had “

 (3, 12, İ) “I can be dominant in the issues that concern me refresh myself, helping staff to follow up every distress, they exhibit behavior that makes you feel the border is friendly with them”

(4, 3, L) “My knowledge my authority as an administrator, I have the ability, I’m positive approach, solution focused and disciplined work, ensuring respect rather than confess, I take my leadership to the fore. I followed my friends about employees or routine tasks they are working on it feels, I found in encouraging. I use my authority other employees to feel my running mate, I prefer the problems experienced individual interviews. In this case I prefer experienced individual interviews. In this case, I set about to know the limits of their limit employee access “

(5, 3, L) “I make the applicability of continuous stands behind the decisions I take. I tried not to compromise on these issues. Teachers against students, teachers download ezdirmeyip students, students with respect to the teachers, the students and teachers with love, I tried to make the approach with a sense of responsibility “

(6, 11, İ) “Knowledge and experience a fair practice”

(7,  9, L) “Our employees should respect the principle of necessity in attitude, behavior and regulate their behavior. This is a conscious subject and / or awareness. Everyone has certain tasks. Love environment and respect “

(8, 2, A-İ) “Feared a manager instead of being loved, respected it, the ownership of the staff, and always act as a standing director behind”

 (9, 2, A-İ) “Effective authority as an administrator using the charisma of my knowledge and experience, provide the best possible way and I use”

(10, 12, İ) “As an administrator, and I would have to confess his authority in frequent dialogue with staff to use it. I gained the confidence of the staff in making personnel assignments according to the nature of the work related to the work to be carried out. I will try to facilitate the work of the staff do to strengthen my authority “

(11, 15, İ) “First of educating myself, I should be able to answer the questions asked. In solving problems quickly, I create fair solutions. I feel that it is fair “

(12, 5, İ) “Respect is earned not desired. In this regard, firstly your skills in your professional knowledge and competence and administrative mechanisms are judgment foresight, staff need to be fair and authority to implement decisions that you will reveal itself

(13, 5, L) “Working conditions and natural authority structure is in principle open to junior and senior corporate structure consists of certain spontaneous”

(14, 7, İ) “The duties and powers of school principals in private schools are defined in the regulations. We use our authority as representatives of the authority given to the founder out of it. Personnel Office for the penalty to be applied and the main prize is the fact that representatives of the institution’s founding “

(15, 4, A) “Holiness about my authority will not have any problems. I’m working because I wanted to work in consultation with staff representatives with the founders and teachers. If necessary, you can easily use the reward and punishment methods “

(16, 7, L) “Authority is a very incompatible situation with the use of convict and democratic management approach. To create a team spirit and leadership philosophy that would lower the better “

(17, 6, A) “Authority is a very incompatible situation with the use of convict and democratic management approach. To create a team spirit and leadership philosophy that would lower the better “

(18, 4, L) “Authority to use in a positive way will be beneficial for both the organization and employees. Since I’m not an act adversely to use authority in this respect “

(19, 3, A) “Authorities me to do something to confess. Because it acts on the leadership qualities I try to feel the team spirit “

(20, 9, L) “Authority to assume a supporting role rather than convict and I believe it is better to use

Educational Activities Can Be Done With Students and Teachers

Special education institutions and students of the school principal question of whether teachers supported the educational activities they did together was that the responses generally supported. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

 (1, 7, L) “Group activities, in line with guidance to reach the target group, supportive, I act. Opinions, I support managing actions and tendencies “

 (2, 11, A) “Students and teachers only makes learning together. The scene with a theater event or a choir teacher child or children who are happy child next to the teacher while treking “

(3, 12, İ) “The school’s educational activities are planned according to the physical characteristics of the studies I try to measure the satisfaction of students and parents checking at certain times. I support the activities that have been detected more positive opinion “

 (4, 3, L) “Teachers and students activities they do together is outside the conventional teaching method encourages you to support the natural approach and student-centered teaching my I think it allows the development of the individual merits of the students in these end activities. I think the teacher in such activities will contribute to the professional sense of progress and activities to take place in both his coaching. The institution good / bad cop concept certainly believe this attitude instead of impulse administrators afraid of thinking that students need to be a whole, I try to point the target not comply with school rules “

(5, 3, L) “Education and training within the boundaries of national culture and spiritual culture, especially our property to protect, develop, national unity and integrity of our spiritual protectors, next student mental training, I support all activities that provide physical and social development”

(6, 11, İ) “We supported, we encourage. Our teachers and students know that they can always find the suggestions in this regard. Common deciding studies are done to enrich the educational activities is examined best practices and developing new ideas are brought to life “

(7,  9, L) “We’re a team. Therefore, all material related to educational activities will be made public and known to all the opportunities presented to the spiritual “

(8, 2, A-İ) “Educational activities are in place and encourage our teachers and students in a timely, I will be taking samples into the business of my own experience”

(9, 2, A-İ) “Students and teachers would provide physical and material facilities. I show off as an effective manager “

 (10, 12, İ)”Students and teachers will gather information on the educational activities they will do together and I believe that I support benefits of these educational activities. In the design of educational activities should be closely followed at all stages of the educational activities to be carried out and must ensure full participation in activities as long as possible “

(11, 15, İ) “I support educational activities as part of the training. When necessary, directs teachers, I help “

(12, 5, İ) “Educational work to be done all year if we make a commission from the New Year. This commission administrators, teachers, consisting of PTA members and student representatives. The financial burden, programming, presentation and social environment, sharing the commission and the timetable agreed “

(13, 5, L) “The future of the institution, the student portfolio, we support parents in mind the entire structure of social projects and activities carried out both material and spiritual. Short, medium and long term, we think that as an advertising investment “

(14, 7, İ) “Teachers are teachers we provide year-round work in the installation are concerned with this issue. We bring the material and spiritual dimension of what you have instead of us falling in consultation with our founder representative “

(15, 4, A) “Our teachers are preparing educational activities with public relations staff, we apply our class mother and always together”

(16, 7, L) “Teachers are our friends all work in accordance with the budget we have received from our founder, we make the decisions we take on board and together with our parents”

(17, 6, A) “Students and teachers of the trained together I think they will do to improve the quality of educational activities”

(18, 4, L) “I support at this point if the educational activities contributes to the quality of education and the development of students’

(19, 3, A) “It is important participation in educational activities. For this reason, I support the activities of teachers and students “

(20, 9, L) “Well organized educational activities leads to student learning. I support well-organized educational activities in this respect

The beautification of the school’s landscaping and aesthetics

Answers to questions about how the school principal will be treated in the landscaping and beautification of private education institutions in terms of aesthetics has been taken of the general staff of expert contacts and ideas. Place is given to the views of school principals on the subject below.

 (1, 7, L) “Bring the best position to become the educational environment where we are, we have the financial resources to complement, I provide to be used by the expert team”

(2, 11, A) “The school is done for non-co-operation with municipal garden. In support of internal regulations landscape architect and visual arts support from the teacher “

(3, 12, İ): “I believe that the best way of building and evaluating opportunities provided by the garden. However, surveys can be applied through the parents and the living environment can be detected ideas “

(4, 3, L. “Of the institution’s landscaping and aesthetic beauty students will be thinking that it should be supported in visual improvement as close to reality” How do I want to see a school? “The answers to questions of the students think would reveal more mixed results.

(5, 3, L) “One of the education and training on a regular basis is critical requirement for maintaining a healthy environment. First in class and after school to ensure cleanliness in the student’s breathing cleaner air, trees planted, you will provide seating areas, leaving the rest of the field must be held to all students from this area of ​​the playground and maket hem to  get benefit from it. Making / prohibited / not pressed instead aimed at improving the sense of responsibility, flower planting, tree planting, clean schools, visual arts teacher clean classroom activities and coloring with the help of other teachers.

(6, 11, İ) “Teaching the landscaping of our institution, to the building design, staff members, teachers, students up, dress the walls, to the class of colors, made scientific studies on aesthetics and ergonomics”

(7,  9, L) “Our students, parents and the work of our employees at all levels in the best way of making and performance to ensure the peace and tranquility that will allow to increase in all aspects (aesthetic, environmental, attitude, behavior, attitude, etc.) Are provided”

(8, 2, A-İ) “Greetings Watch our student body in accordance with the school house and landscaping school students selecting tools they will use undamaged, clean, and we make use of on a regular basis”

(9, 2, A-İ) “Exterior and interior design in the most beautiful places I cared the most modern way. I get absolutely professional help when these events “

(10, 12, İ) “Landscaped garden and the interior is transformed into more useful and aesthetic”

(11, 15, İ) “The physical structure of private institutions should certainly be nice”

(12, 5, İ) “Once our schools, our environment outside the ban should attract our students. Very luxurious sumptuous environments subject rather than useful medium green and would be more accurate to be equipped with the natural beauty of the animals which, I think, and we make our own school in this kind of work “

(13, 5, L) “The importance of landscaping is absolutely great. Particularly affects our social environment, we first pay attention to parents and students in our school garden and landscaping work will be satisfied “

(14, 7, İ) “This issue is directly related property amenities we primarily use our image and we make our school founder representatives responsible for providing the necessary vision of a safe environment. Our Founder surely do everything you need to prepare a beautiful environment, taking into account what we said in our “

(15, 4, A) “For us to be equipped with the environment and the natural environment include games and sports equipment for pre-school students and give appropriate advice regarding the danger to our children, we share our founder representative. Our corner of our game parks and gardens are made in this direction”

(16, 7, L) “Environmental regulation of financial capability is proportional. Nevertheless, the students have taken the measures necessary for comfortable and safe is a must for us. Accordingly, we organize our landscaping. “

(17, 6, A) “For The landscaping and beautification I get information from experts in aesthetics and in terms of education, I would like to do the most useful for teachers and students”

(18, 4, L) “”Educational institutions landscaping and overall aesthetic aspects should be sensitive to the environment and education. I give the views of those skilled in this matter “

(19, 3, A) I get support in architectural aspect of environmental regulations. I think it would raise the quality of education of the well-designed learning environment.
(20, 9, L) “I point at the environmental organization allows students made taking into account the safety and health of the application. After finding The aesthetic point  ideas I get to be given co-decision.



Discussion and Result
One of the most important tasks of the Discussion and Conclusion private school principals also continually monitor changes around the school, to adapt the organization and management structure of the school to these changes, however, in this way special school service area with students’ needs and identify targets which reflect the expectations, it is possible to reach these goals. Otherwise it is not possible to operate effectively in private schools.

Private school principals events for that conducting solving problems arising in connection with one hand on adaptation, on the other hand to coordinate individual efforts and team events must provide progress as a whole, in line with the objectives of the school. At this point it is important leadership roles in private schools.

According to the results of the examination of the application of the private school principal leadership behaviors in Konya, teachers in determining the purpose of private educational institutions, students and work with parents as to whether assayed partners, principals responded that they will collaborate.

Sağır  and Memişoğlu on this subject (2012) ‘s research they do, “elementary school administrators; identify the purposes for students and teachers to increase their current success to similar conclusions that they perform their role to promote works for the same purpose at the highest level has been reached.” In this context, the determination of the purpose of private educational institutions teachers, students and parents in leading collaborators may be mentioned the existence of instructional leadership.

How school principals regarding the management of economic resources will be treated in the private education institutions responded in terms of working with experts. It is seen that some of the answers in the answer to the need to provide the necessary resources at the school. This is a behavior related to leadership roles of school principals. Gumusel (2001) in his study on the field of contemporary leadership principals “visionary of the principal sources of research needed to be sufficient to supply the field of leadership and” reported that need.

Schools have the organizational structure of team work can be done. In this respect, the business section of the application can be done in schools. School principals as to the absence of necessary work is done or the relevant part of the duties and responsibilities of staff in private educational institutions in which they replied that the division of labor.

Decisions taken in the case of private educational institutions and appeal to teachers or criticism coming from the application of the principals regarding how the responses that have been treated to ensure a consensus.Ozden (1996) in public schools in his work on the participant administration, which participate in the decision-making process of the majority of teachers in the frequency of participation in the decision-making process, but in how the receiving end of the decision proved to be the majority of managers. Private schools were believer in this case

Gursel (2013: 140) ‘s, as reported in the research, “school principal complaints must always keep the door open. This allows applications to be aware of the consequences of the decisions taken by the facility administrator and will become able to take timely and appropriate measures in place. “In case of a clash between the the staff of the private school principal in Konya how school Principals Regarding Whether treated has Responded towards making a good conflict management. In this case the conflict management point of the private education institution administrators said that they are successful.

Private educational institutions as administrator authority of school principals on how responses will be treated in the convict and use were generally in democratic governance approach.

Karaman et al. (2008) in his research on the views of teachers, increasing the use of hierarchical authority has concluded will result in the formalization of relations. In this case, in contrast to their approach to hierarchical authority of the private education institution administrators said that they showed democratic leadership role

Educational activities are generally held inside or outside the school, with an educational aspect or feature of interest to the student activities are closely with teachers. Educational activities have an important place in terms of education.They will do together in private educational institutions that supported the students and teachers in the educational activities of the reported support the idea since school principals.

Montessori (1982) according to “the children will take a high-level learning environment is equipped with materials designed very well prepared.” Landscaping of private education institutions and how the experts and working on school principals regarding whether they replied that aesthetically treated in the beautification of receipt of the opinion.

In this case we can say that they are very sensitive point in the landscaping of the private school administrator. When Consequently special school functions are considered, based on the strength of expertise of the private educational institutions, providing the democratic functioning of a model that prepares all the facilities necessary to perform the duties of the employee and it is possible to say that the need for leaders who have adopted this type of management style.But the world began to live in the information age, the purpose of private schools, like all institutions, well-trained manpower and can perform effectively managing them. The success of the training and education on this subject, of course, depends on having the leadership roles of the private school principal.


School principals to determine the purpose of the -Special education institutions, teachers, students and suggested to give more weight to parents with joint efforts.

– To make the necessary division of labor practices of the school principal about the staff’s duties and responsibilities in the private education institutions and experts in the event it is necessary to appoint.

– The private school principals, to renew themselves, educational leadership caused the university to fulfill the roles of graduate and participate in the doctoral program.

– Private school principals, teachers as a true educational leaders, students and other staff in team spirit can take the necessary measures to provide for the developer environment, culture

-Special School principals, the educational leadership roles; teachers are supported and the behavior of the development dimension, teachers could step towards improving the behavior of promoting the highest level of performance improvement.


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