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Values are reinforced by the effect of a life time with the person’s efforts and the enviroment and reflect the human behavior.School administrators have the vital role in values education.As a social individual to continue his life as  a student the the family would be able to reflect on the experiences of school life.They learn the significant information of value in a variety on courses in school life or school period. In this context , schoool admisitrators go into the effort of teaching values in more comprehensive manner than that acquired in family.In our study the role of school administrators in values teaching is examined.

Key words: values, teaching values, school administrators.


Değerler bir ömür boyu kişinin çabalarıyla ve çevrenin etkisiyle pekişir ve insan davranışlarına yansır. Değerleri eğitiminde okul yöneticilerinin rolü önemlidir. Çünkü öğrencinin sosyal bir birey olarak hayatına devam etmesi, aileden sonra okul yaşantısında değerleri yaşantısına yansıtmasıyla mümkün olur. Okul hayatındaki çeşitli ders programlarında değerlere ait önemli bilgi edinirler. Bu kapsamda okul yöneticileri öğrencilere ailede edindikleri değerleri daha da kapsamlı bir şekilde öğretme çabasında girerler. Çalışmamız kapsamında okul yöneticilerinin değerler eğitimindeki rolü incelenmiştir.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Değerler, Değerler Eğitimi, Okul Yöneticisi


Education  not only limited by the learning mental faculty, also students  feelings, attitudes, on improve the value of all behavior that complements the education of intergirty. Guiding the behavior in life;to be owned by individauls and society , symbolizing the priciaples and musts required qualifications, training standarts and values defined in the form of thoughts.Starting in the family itself; family is a multidimensional process involving the community and theeducational institutions.   In this respect values education have greata importance in adoptation to the social structure in general education.

For a new arouse on  human being  which behavioırs are right or wrong  or which bases a manshould direct his life , is taking place in a school cirruculum directly or indirectly. According to this outline, values education is the aim of school all over the world. Researches show that students learn  values education  such as responsibilty, solidarity,and cooperation  in this way and also they try to implement the values of respect, tolerance and solidarity.

As it is known , common purpose of educaiton programs should have liability to contribute , goverments’ education policy that wides goals of government.  Common purposes ,convet the features of  the targets that should be accomplished in  all schools and all classes. Accordingly  values teaching is the shared duty of all subjects and or all school staffs.   Ministry of education directly draws up values education to our teaching programs in order to leave livable worl and protect our values in which have been vanisihing rapitly in recent years.    According to this outline  programs applied in preschool lessons values educaiton take place all lessons  such as knowledge of life, cogilation education, social sciences, mainly Turkish.    Considering these goals, the purpose of the researchis to analysethe function of the school administrators.



Conception of value  in addition to be identified in many different ways, literal meaning of it is abstract, scale that helps to identifiy the significance of sometihng which worths, value, it refers to the  financial worth of something. (TDK 2014). We use the world of  “value”  in daily language as a worth of something for that reason  “ value”  is described as a abstract, scale, worth, cost, (Aydın and  Gürler 2012:1).


Value is, basic moral priciples or beliefs that reflects generalized beliefs which are common feelings, thoughts, goals, of social group or communities own asssosciation, operation, and the majority of members to keep maintain accurate(Genç and Eryaman 2008:90)


Basic features of value can be listed as follows: (Özgener,2000:174)

-Values are largely personal, refers to each person’s decisions and preferences.

-Values are also sociable because they are organized jointly by a group of people.

-They are the products of the selectivity of individual  from individual, society to society, vary from organization to organization.

-Values  are the products of  experiences  passed downd from generation to generation.

-Values can be vary  and changable. They are relatively static,compenents of the personality and the social configuration that providing the stability of gathering individuals together.

-Values are largely related to the performed  by the man who wants and performs in society.


Learning in education is an important issue. At this point learning concept in dictionary means; “to learn the job, the process of making conceptunal arrangements, the name given to the effects,which are fairly continuous training and practice, certain information, change the form of  skills  and insights toobtain and react to life in all time or in some cases conduct” is defined(TDK 2014). Human is the product of his past and experiences.Learning provides informatin for human on some scientific issues, affects the value systems and beliefs and determines every aspect of outlook on life.In this respect , learning begins from birth and persist until the end of a common process, remains a privilege place on our lives. This privilege issue , requires our careful bending in every age and time in this process.This aspect reveals the personal dimension of learning( Özer,2005:105)

In many countries the values teaching,is gardually gaining more attention day by dayIn this context schools are expected to teach what is right or wrong.According to this view , teaching is built on telling the truth,caring others,and admitted basic values. However   only  theoritical teaching of these units are not enough. As the children are in need of  learning , the causes  of moral action, gaining neccesary skills to resolve moral conflicts which they may face with in real life.( Çengelci, 2010:7)


All societies make an effert to teach their values to the next generations. This effort shows itself in the socialization process, all actions in socail life are evaluated according to the perceived value.Adopting the values of the society in which it lives , and use as criteria in their approach and attitude to facts and events are expected froö individuals.(Kıncal ,2007:26) In order to supply not only school responsibilies but also communities expectations, youths learning values or improving these values are generally named under the name of  “values education” .  Education in this context  “values education term is used as an umrella concept which covers  all effective domain knowledge, skills and activities including education in order to gain attitude . (Ekşi and Katılmış, 2011:13)

Value Education , versatile compound of training and ethics.Let us express the opinion that, considering value education just a piece of model (frame) is totally wrong values, if the expression is suitable for this ,is the soul of education. (Dilmac,1999:2). Values education enables individuals to deal with the development of their own moral coded and others’ moral codes.  In addition , values education helps individual to think about his experience and search for the examples of these experiences. It provides formation of individuals , selfasteem, and show respect to common values such as ; integrity, accuracy. ( Campell ,2008:12)


Administrator  is the centre of  values education for the school values education. Therefore, the administrators  should have pionering vision of change should be wide enough to enhance and transform the institution. As the application of  whole methodology made the school culture , and considered to be affected by this value with cahnges resulting from training with leadership.(Ekşi and Okudan. 2011:79) On the other hand changes values which are not affect the development , should be prevented.

If school administrators combine the values , provide  cahnginf instead of preventing the cahnging values , in that case real case real change can be occur. Moreover he should place these place these values not verbally but applying them.In addition that organizing some symbolic acitivities in changing progress , increase the coordination and cooperation .(Çelik,2011:179)  Value education program and the application manager (director) is the only factor. Value education theorists leadership theorists are made within the framework of the implementation methodology and the point where the influence of the organizational culture change obtained as a result of this consensus.To transform and improve the organization, considering that the activities related to school based training manager who will get the first term of President’s plan to change the corporate culture is the vision of the director come to the fore (Okudan, 2010: 36).

Managers work in which the institutions of the event due to the valuation of life. Detects main goal out of it. Takes some decisions to reach these goals. What performs the valuation levels that match the actual status of the detected target. The realization of the objectives of the specific conditions to rethink and change (Dincer, 1996: 57). For example, to fasten the front when entering the room of a teacher’s school administrators can be seen as a value based on respect.   For example, to fasten the front when entering the room of a teacher’s school administrators can be seen as a value based on respect. This behavior is based on the value, the teacher acts as a bureaucratic rule does not match the head and heart. Psychological energy of the value in this case is lost. However, the conversion of behavior based on values ​​of respect, respect and understanding depends on the teacher, school administrator. He is waiting for school administrators to respect the teachers respect but can not create a culture of respect in the school environment.(Çelik,2011:63) This gives the same result in their behavior towards students of the school administrator.

Management in the value of educatşon programs implemented in school is , a very significant task to full fill the role of supporting and possessiving.Whether accepted or not each element of  an effective school leadrship, has the potential to shape the students’ character.(Lickona,1991;Okudan ,2010:36) As a result expected from the director of schools implementing  a new program values as to make effective training program.The director is responsible for the implementation of the education programs  and benefits that woul arise from development (Ekşi and Okudan ,2011:179)


The objectives of the applied values ​​education in schools; students to teach social values ​​and acquire good habits and behavior is to develop students’ moral reasoning skills, rewarding positive behavior. Therefore, value education is the process of systematically placed on a universal set of values ​​and social life of the school. Weight training is an activity that lasted a short-term initiatives but rather a lifetime.Value using a variety of methods and techniques in education is to help students to acquire a moral perspective in life.

Values ​​are the criteria that the meaning and importance of culture and society. Values ​​are known as conceptual, is perpetuated as coşkusal is shared, they are used as arguments taken seriously and norms. Value systems and reflect the human experience has a direct impact on the human experience. Value systems determine desires of people prohibitions, punishments and rewarding. As a result, school administrators manage schools according to value benefit from the value in achieving the objectives of the school, giving value to the efforts of employees, the value of such work and participate in the management of organizational values.


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